What Is Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services helps businesses create and manage their email campaigns and provides tools that help measure those results of campaigns.

What Is Email Marketing Services
What Is Email Marketing Services

What Is Email Marketing Services | digitalskillsguide.com 

What Is Email Marketing Services 

You may wonder what email marketing services are precisely and how it works.

Email marketing services provide software that allows you to create and send emails on behalf of your company or organization with ease.

Many companies use email marketing services as a way to expand their reach. 

Email marketing services software includes templates for email design and an editor so that users can customize their messages according to their needs. 

Some services also offer analytics tools so businesses can track how well they are doing with their campaigns over time.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a marketing approach where we send emails to our potential or existing clients to generate leads or promote our company. 

This includes newsletters, updates, offers and promotions. Emails are sent regularly, keeping customers updated about your brand.

Email marketing is all about building effective relationships with your customers, and this can only be done by understanding their needs, desires and expectations.

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

Direct Marketing Association says, "The average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent."

Importance of Email Marketing 

In the age of social media, it's easy to forget about email marketing. 

But there are some distinct advantages to using an email that you might not get elsewhere. 

Here are the benefits of Email Marketing

1. Email Marketing Allows You to Own Your Audience

Email marketing gives you the chance to own your audience through your email list.

You have complete control over who sees what and when with an email list. 

It's yours, and nothing can stop it from getting into the hands of your followers.

This can be possible with your audience on social media platforms; they can restrict your access.

2. Your Messages Have a Long Shelf Life

Email marketing gives your message a chance to last long.

Most people check their inboxes daily or at least several times per week, which means emails have a much longer shelf life than tweets or status updates. 

This means that you can expect more exposure for each individual message you send out in your email marketing.

3. With Email Marketing, It's Easier to be Personal

Email marketing is designed for personal, one-on-one communication.

It gives you the chance to communicate with your audience individually. 

You can segment your email list into groups based on factors like age group or location and tailor your emails for each group accordingly with little extra effort.

4. Less Competition for Attention

Email marketing gives you peace of mind and no competition.

With social media, it's hard to get your message across without getting lost in the noise of other people's posts competing with yours for attention. 

But with email, you'll automatically stand out because your audience will pay closer attention to each individual message they receive.

5. Email Marketing Helps You to Target Specific Niches

With other types of marketing, it can be difficult to tailor your messages to specific niches. 

With email marketing, you have all the information you need right in front of you.

You have the subscriber's name, interests, location, etc.  

In fact, you can use this information to segment your lists into smaller groups. 

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6. Email Marketing is Convenient

Instead of having to go through creating physical mailers and sending them out, you can create and send an email in minutes.

7. Email Marketing is Shareable 

If you craft an engaging email, it's easy for users to forward it to their friends or post about it on social media and further extend your campaign's reach.

What are Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services allow you to send targeted, relevant emails to your audience. 

An email marketing service helps businesses create and manage their email campaigns and provides tools that help measure the results of those email campaigns.

The best email marketing services provide the tools you need to be effective, including helpful features that can make creating an email campaign a piece of cake.

Email marketing services are used by many businesses today because they allow them to send out mass emails to their customers quickly and help build strong relationships.

What Can Email Marketing Services Do for You?

Email marketing services help you reach out to customers, collect their contact information, and streamline your email marketing process. 

They come with many different features, from email scheduling to list management tools, and they can save you time and money by automating many of the steps in email marketing.

Email Marketing Services helps marketers send emails on behalf of their company by providing various features that help make sending out emails as automated as possible. 

Email Marketing Services Can Help You In;

1. Welcoming subscribers to your email list

2. Sending out newsletters with updates about your company or blog

3. Providing information about upcoming events and sales promotions

4. Sending out coupons for discounts on products or services offered by the company or blog

5. Notifying customers about new products being released or services being offered

6. Reminding readers about past purchases or subscriptions that are due for renewal soon, e.g. if someone’s subscription is about to expire.

7. Sending out emails to request feedback, etc.

Importance of Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services offer a great way to connect with your customers and grow your business. 

There are tons of benefits to email marketing services, and I put some of them together here for you;

1.Email Marketing is Cost-effective 

Email marketing services offer a cost-effective way to build strong relationships with people over time.

It’s more cost-effective than other conventional advertising methods such as TV ads and direct mail. 

With a small budget, you can reach many potential customers using the best email marketing services.

With email marketing, you can reach out to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential customers simultaneously.

2.Email Marketing Services Will Help You Track Your Emails

Email marketing services help you to see how many people opened your emails, how many clicked through to your website, and who unsubscribed from your list, all in real-time.

And if you're paying attention to what you're hearing from customers and potential customers alike, you can constantly refine your approach until it's a well-oiled machine. 

Using the best email marketing services makes it easy to see what's most compelling about your email campaigns.

3.Email Marketing Services Connects You Fast With Your Customers

Email marketing services offer a quick way to reach your customers, especially if you have an existing mailing list. 

You can use the best email marketing services to connect with your clients within minutes instead of waiting for days or weeks while a printed campaign makes its way through the mail system.

4. Best Email Marketing Services Gives You Customizable Content

The best email marketing services allow you to tailor your message to each customer. It ensures that every customer gets a relevant and valuable message to them. 

You can also personalize each message for each recipient, giving them a sense of exclusive treatment and increasing the chances that they'll respond favorably to your call-to-action.

Email marketing services let you send out custom messages specifically tailored to your different audiences.

5. Easy Integration with Social Media Platforms

If you already have a solid social media presence, you can use the best email marketing services to easily integrate your email campaigns with your social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, etc.

6. Email Marketing Services Help You to Measure Results in Real-Time

Every business needs to measure its results effectively and in real-time to easily take necessary actions. 

You can get detailed information about your open rates, click-through rate and unsubscribers with the help of top email marketing providers.

7. Email Marketing Services Helps in Building Brand Awareness

By taking advantage of email marketing services, you can build brand awareness very easily and quickly. 

The best email marketing companies provide excellent tools to create enticing newsletters and email campaigns that will help you to build brand awareness among your customers or clients.

8. Email Marketing Services Saves Your Time

Email marketing services help you save time by allowing you to email in bulk and the ability to integrate with other platforms like social media. 

It can save you time and money by automating many of the steps in email marketing.

Is It Necessary to Hire Professional for Email Marketing Services?

You’ll get numerous benefits by working with a professional who knows all about the best email marketing services professional will help you in;

1. Keeps you from spamming customers

2. Helps you from saving your time looking for subscribers

3. Provides professional emails to guard your reputation

4. Helps to give you better tracking results

5. Shows you how you can expand your reach

How to Start Email Marketing Services

To start using an email marketing service, you need to sign up for an account at the provider's website. 

Once signed up, log in using your username and password provided by them when creating an account.

Then follow the instructions onscreen until completion.

After logging in successfully, you'll be able to access all available templates from within your dashboard.

Email marketing services will allow you to use their templates to create an email that looks great and stands out from the crowd.

Best Email Marketing Services

Here's a look at some of your business's best email marketing services.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools in the market. 

With its simple layout and easy-to-use features, you can get started sending emails almost right away. 

It even has an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, making it easy to design emails that look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

One of the drawbacks of Mailchimp is that they charge extra for some features like A/B testing, which comes standard on many other platforms. 

However, the MailChimp support team is still very responsive and friendly, so this may not be a big deal for some people, depending on their needs.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another excellent email marketing services provider for contacting your customers via email marketing campaigns.

Constant Contact is the best if you need to get started quickly with easy-to-use templates and an intuitive user interface.

Constant Contact is also affordable and offers users a free trial.

This is probably your best bet if your business is heavily rooted in e-commerce. 

This service tracks your email recipients' purchases and tailors future emails based on their purchases. 

It also offers several other handy features like coupons and autoresponders. 

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool for professional bloggers who want to grow their audience. 

They offer features like custom signup forms and landing pages that make it easy for people to join your email list from any page on your website.

It also offers a 14-day free trial.

4. SendInBlue 

With SendInBlue email marketing service provider, you can create emails and newsletters customized by a customer with just a few clicks. 

You can also send transactional emails and set up an automated workflow based on your customers' behaviour.

5. MailGun

Want to send emails from a custom domain name? 

MailGun, an email marketing service, makes it easy and will automatically route messages through a pool of IP addresses so that you don't have to worry about being blocked. 

It also has an analytics tool so that you can track the impact of your emails.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse allows seamless integration with other platforms, including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to track emails. 

It also has a built-in landing page creator and interactive charts that allow you to track your campaigns over time.

7. SendGrid

SendGrid email marketing services are another affordable option that has high deliverability rates. It's a good choice if you're just starting out or don't have many subscribers.

If you're writing to a large audience or sending a high volume of emails, SendGrid is where it's at.

It offers a free plan with no limits on audiences, or the number of emails sent per month, which makes them a great option if you're just getting started.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is ideal for small businesses looking for a more sophisticated platform with advanced features like segmentation and automation. 

It's also affordable and offers users a free trial.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot offers both free and paid versions, so it's easy to start using this software without paying anything upfront. 

The paid version includes additional features like automation workflows and email campaigns that can be set up in minutes rather than hours or days like other platforms require. 

HubSpot provides a free version of its email marketing software.

But if you want more than 2,000 contacts or unlimited emails, you'll have to pay a monthly fee.

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Benefits of Choosing the Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services offer the best powerful tool and cost-effective means of connecting with your audience in this modern era. 

But if you're still using email marketing tools developed in the 90s, you might not be getting the most out of it.

Read on to discover why you should consider switching to a modern email marketing service and its benefits.

1. Email Marketing Services Offer Better Personalization Options

It's not a secret that personalized emails are more likely to get opened by recipients. 

Studies show that even small changes like including a recipient's name in the subject line can increase open rates by 33%. 

And with the best email marketing services, you can use data captured by that platform to further personalize your emails. 

The more specific your email marketing service is, the more likely your campaigns will resonate with your audience and result in conversions.

2. Modern Email Marketing Services Can Integrate with Other Platforms

The best email marketing services allow you to extend from your website to other platforms, including social media.

When it comes to running an online business, consistency is the key. 

That's why it's so important to work with an email marketing service that integrates seamlessly with other platforms and makes it easier for you to use consistent branding across all channels.

3. Email Marketing Services Allows You to Analyze Your Campaigns

Email marketing services help you analyze the results of your campaigns and tell you what works and what doesn't.

It’ll help you to keep track of marketing emails that perform best.

4. Best Email Marketing Services Creates You Outstanding Newsletter

Best email marketing services help you create a masterful, professional-looking newsletter, and it'll make sure it's formatted correctly across all platforms.

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How Can You Choose the Best Email Marketing Services

But how do you know which service is exemplary for you? 

How do you choose between MailChimp and Constant Contact or other email marketing services?

Being able to choose the best email marketing service will help your business by increasing traffic to your website and increasing sales and revenue.

Best email marketing services will enable you to build effective relationships with your customers, and this can only be done by understanding their needs, desires and expectations. 

Choosing the right email marketing services for your company can be daunting. 

What to consider when choosing email marketing services?

1. Find an email marketing service that integrates with your website

Can you easily integrate email marketing services with your website or other programs? 

This can make your life much easier when it comes time to send out emails.

2. Ensure to Choose Email Marketing Services that are Cost-effective

You need to consider the cost of email marketing services. 

Many small businesses feel that they can use free or low-cost services because they aren't sending out as many emails as large companies do. 

This may work well for some businesses but not for others.

3. Check for Email Marketing Service with Good Reputation

Choose an email marketing service with a good reputation in the industry.

Read reviews online to see what other people think about their experiences with the email marketing services offered by that service provider.

4. Seek Recommendations from Fellow Email Marketers 

Ask your network of email marketers whether anyone had tried out that email marketing service before and what their experience was like.

5. Think of the Number of Mailing List You Need 

In choosing email marketing services, you also need to think about how many people will be on your mailing list and how much time it will take to keep up with them all.

6. Select Email Marketing Services that are Easy to Use 

After you have decided on an email marketing service provider, you must find one with accessible features for everyone to use. 

The best email marketing services offer a variety of easy templates to customize.

7. Opt for Email Marketing Service Provider with Excellent Customer Care

Assess the quality of customer care the email marketing services provider has.

What kind of customer support do that email marketing services offer? 

If you get stuck or have questions in the middle of setting up your account or using it, is there somebody online who can help you quickly? 

Or do they only answer emails within 48 hours?

Top 17 Best Email Marketing Services

Now let's look at some of the greatest email marketing services available today, its features and costs

1. HubSpot email marketing services is the best for CRM-driven email marketing.

2. Moosend email marketing is the best for automating and sending multimedia emails. 

3. Omnisend email marketing is the best for custom workflows.

4. Pabbly email marketing is the best for mass emailing.

5. SendinBlue email marketing services is the best for automatic nurturing and SMS marketing

6. SendX email marketing is the best for visual email marketing statistics.

7. Constant Contact email marketing services is the best for creating email drip campaigns.

8. Campaign Monitor tool for email personalization.

9. iContact for tech help.

10. MailChimp for email marketing. 

11. AWeber for new company owners and entrepreneurs building email lists.

It has segmentation and live chat features.

Team-based email marketing automation.

12. GetResponse for worldwide email marketing.

13. AutoPilot email marketing is the best for collaborative email marketing teams. 

14. GetResponse email marketing services is the best for global email marketing audiences.

15. Ontraport email marketing services is the best for creating detailed email marketing campaigns. 

16. Flodesk email marketing services is the best in creating best landing pages and visually appealing emails.

17. ConvertKit email marketing services is the best in email automation.

For more information on the following services, please visit their product and price pages.

1. HubSpot Email Marketing Services

Best for CRM-driven email marketing.

Hubspot email marketing is easy to use, has a high deliverability rate, and it has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from an ESP.

Features of HubSpot Email Marketing

You may use one of the numerous drag-and-drop email templates or create a unique template for your company. Adding material to your template is straightforward and intuitive.

You may also use a basic customization token to ensure that each email contains content customized to each recipient.

When sending an email, it uses the smart send tool to ensure recipients receive it at the best moment. It also does A/B testing to see which email version resonates the best with your audience. 

When using Hubspot, you also won't have to worry about deliverability, it's network-wide deliverability rate for marketing emails is 99 percent.

In addition to email marketing, HubSpot provides a variety of reports on email performance, allowing you to assess your audience's reactions and adjust your plan appropriately.

You may report on your overall email performance in Q1 or on a specific lead's interaction with your emails.

For converting leads into customers, HubSpot's automation technology helps you grow your email marketing campaign.

HubSpot Email Marketing Cost

Hubspot's Email Marketing Software (and CRM for SMBs) is free forever. If you require more features, you may choose to increase your Marketing Hub subscription.

2. Moosend Email Marketing Services

Moosend is the best email marketing for automating and delivering multimedia emails.

It's a feature-rich email marketing and marketing automation tool.

Moosend email marketing features;

The Moosend platform allows you to quickly construct email newsletter campaigns, landing sites, and subscription forms.

To build an email newsletter using the drag-and-drop editor, you can either start from scratch or use one of the pre-made themes. Using sophisticated automation, you may design targeted messages for specific audiences. Make your own workflow recipe or utilize one of the pre-made ones.

The reporting and analytics tools allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Moosend price

Moosend's price is dependent on subscribers and has three tiers. The free trial allows users to send unlimited email campaigns. For $7 a month, payable annually, you get up to 1,000,000 members. The Enterprise package offers more sophisticated features and support at a higher cost.

3. Omnisend Email Marketing Services

Omnisend email marketing is the best for custom workflows.

This platform allows you to automate workflows at any stage of the customer journey.

Omnisend features

The omni-channel capabilities of Omnisend set it apart from other email marketing tools. You can automate email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Using a tool like Omnisend can help you create and manage more customized, targeted communication workflows. This not only improves your connection with your audience, but also gives them a more personalized experience.

With omnichannel capabilities and easy segmentation, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Omnisend also provides templates for email capture, campaigns, and automation workflows.

Cost of Omnisend email marketing

Omnisend offers a free plan with limited features and a pro plan with unlimited features. Their plans include a free trial so you can see what works best for you.

4. Pabbly Email Marketing Services

Pabbly Email Marketing allows you to send bulk emails via SMTP or external SMTP.

Services & Tools - Pabbly email marketing

Pabbly offers unlimited SMTP routing, workflow automation, email scheduling, and more. Using the tool's marketing automation and autoresponders, you can schedule emails and create triggers to avoid manual follow-ups.

Also, Pabbly provides responsive email templates and a drag-and-drop email editor. So, you can better target your email marketing, you can track data such as bounce rate, open rate and click-through rate.

Pabbly Email Marketing Cost

Pabbly has several plans based on subscriber count. Both a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers and an advanced plan for websites with large audiences are available.

5. SendinBlue Email Marketing Services

SendInBlue is ideal for automated nurturing and SMS campaigns.

Its clients send, over 30 million automated emails and SMS messages every day.

SendinBlue features

The SendinBlue forms tool allows you to collect new leads, which you can then segment into lists and email nurture campaigns.

Not sure where to start? No issue. SendinBlue workflows allow you to access pre-made automation campaigns tailored to your goals.

If you want a more customized email nurturing campaign, you can always build one from scratch.

SendInBlue Cost

SendinBlue email marketing provides four primary options, one free, two between $25 and $65 per month, and one enterprise that requires a special quotation. The plans' prices vary dependent on daily/monthly email volume.

6. SendX Email Marketing Services

Sendx is the best for visual email marketing data.

It's an easy-to-use email marketing tool for marketers and company owners.

SendX features

Across all SendX email marketing services, you may send limitless emails to opted-in subscribers. Not each email sent, but per subscriber, regardless of how many lists, categories or segments they are in.

This includes previous open rates, time zone, domain, email client, and ISP. Using email drip sequences and audience segmentation, you can automate your email marketing and send the perfect message to the right person.

Forms and popups can also help you expand your email list. You also receive pre-built email templates that you can customize with a simple drag and drop email editor.

The application also includes a heatmap analysis for several campaign types to quickly see which CTAs and links are successful.

SendX email marketing Cost

SendX's price depends on subscriber count. Plans start at $7.49/month for 1,000 members (or $9.99/month for a monthly subscription). a 14-day free trial.

7. Constant Contact Email Marketing Services

Best for email drip campaigns and templates.

Constant Contact is a well-known email marketing provider.

Constant Contact Features

The service includes over 100 email templates you may use as is or modify. Once your email is ready, you can easily schedule it to go out at any time.

Aside from drip email campaigns, you may send emails on a regular basis to honor certain occasions, such as a customer's birthday.

Once submitted, bounces and unsubscribes are instantly updated. Constant Contact also contains "Plus" capabilities that let you run customized campaigns like coupons, donations, and surveys.

Constant Contact Price

Plan prices range from $20 to $45 per month based on the features required. The pricing difference is based on contacts. They provide a free trial so you can try out the service before you buy it.

8. Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Services

Campaign Monitor is the best for personalizing emails.

Easy-to-use personalization capabilities are a hallmark of Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Features

It has easy drag-and-drop email editor making creating targeted client segments and optimizing email campaigns a breeze.

Campaign monitor leverages data to improve personalization and list segmentation to encourage interaction. It also provides a graphic marketing automation platform for mass customization.

It's a huge resource collection to help you become an email marketing specialist.

Campaign Monitor Price

Campaign Monitor offers three primary options ranging from $9 to $149 each month. You can pay annually rather than monthly or pay per campaign if it suits your needs better.

9. iContact Email Marketing Services

iContact emal marketing is the best for customer service.

Since 2003, iContact has been delivering one of the best email marketing services, with an easy-to-use email marketing solution that gets results fast.

iContact email marketing features

Customer service and support teams set iContact distinct from competitors. The platform pairs customers with a strategic adviser to establish a successful email marketing campaign.

Your online presence will be boosted by unique social media marketing postings that attract people to your site.

iContact Cost

It's free for up to 500 contacts, with paid plans beginning at $20 per month. Depending on your needs, you can pay monthly or yearly.

10. MailChimp Email Marketing Services

MailChimp email marketing is the best for actionable data to boost your email marketing strategy.

Aside from email marketing, MailChimp's claim to fame is landing sites and numerous ad options.

MailChimp has millions of clients in over 175 countries and uses that data to help you improve your email strategy. It's powerful enough for a large corporation, yet easy enough for a small business to use.

MailChimp also provides over 300 connectors to let you tailor it for your business. Using these connectors to tailor your marketing can help you get the most out of email.

MailChimp Cost

MailChimp offers four options ranging from free to $299 per month. Aside from the free plan, your monthly fee grows with the amount of contacts you have.

11. Aweber Email Marketing Services

Aweber is the best for small companies and entrepreneurs building email lists.

The Aweber email marketing platform is an email marketing platform designed for small enterprises.

AWeber's goal is to make it easy for newbies to segment contacts, create professional emails, and nurture leads. AWeber's deliverability staff checks their servers around the clock to guarantee your campaign regularly reaches your recipients' inboxes.

Aweber email marketing cost

One is free, the other is paid. The AWeber Pro plan starts at $16.15 per month and increases based on list size. If you prefer quarterly or yearly invoicing over monthly, you can do so.

12. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Services

ActiveCampaign email marketing is the best for live chat and segmentation.

It's a marketing automation platform that includes live chat, CRM, and email marketing.

With a CRM, ActiveCampaign can help your sales team find the proper prospects via lead scoring. The service also lets you to send dynamic content in your emails, allowing you to customize your contacts' experiences based on their segmentation.

ActiveCampaign Cost

ActiveCampaign offers four monthly or yearly options. Their plans range from $9 to $259 depending on how many contacts you have. A free trial allows you to try out the service before you buy it.

13. AutoPilot Email Marketing Services

AutoPilot email marketing is the best in visual marketing tools that sets it apart from the competition.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces are used throughout Autopilot, from the email editor to the automation tool.

AutoPilot allows you to swiftly share your work with your team, ensuring everyone is on the same page before launching a campaign. Annotate and collaborate allows you to quickly mark up a customer journey and ask for feedback and help from your team.

AutoPilot Cost

AutoPilot offers three plans ranging from $49 to $249 depending on the number of contacts. Monthly, monthly with an annual commitment, and annual billing cycles are available.

14. GetResponse Email Marketing Services

GetResponse email marketing is the best for international email marketing audiences.

It's a multilingual marketing automation service.

GetResponse has a CRM, landing pages, and a complete webinar solution.

The service offers over 500 email marketing templates and interacts with Shutterstock, providing you access to a creative library. Their drip campaign tool also has a calendar interface, so you know exactly when to contact your leads.

GetResponse Cost

You may select from four GetResponse options ranging from $15 to $99 each month (plus a customized enterprise-level option that requires you to reach out for a quote). You can pay monthly or yearly depending on your list size. Each package includes a free trial so you can try it out before you buy.

15. Ontraport Email Marketing Services

Ontraport email marketing is the way to go if you want to create the best detailed email marketing campaigns.

For firms with online storefronts, Ontraport has a comprehensive suite of marketing automation capabilities.

Using Ontraport's visual campaign builder, you can develop engaging campaigns. You may build a campaign from start or select from hundreds of pre-built programs like abandoned cart nurturing and webinar sign-up and follow-up.

It also delivers thorough information on your pipeline, traffic sources, and conversion timings.

Ontraport Cost

Ontraport has four options ranging from $79 to $497 per month. Regardless of plan, you'll get personalized onboarding. The plans' prices vary dependent on your contact count. You may cancel your monthly plan at any time, and paying annually saves you money.

16. Flodesk Email Marketing Services

Flodesk email marketing is easy to use templates for visually appealing emails and landing pages.

Affordably branded emails are easy to create with Flodesk.

Flodesk's email creating tools are simple to use for both beginners and specialists. It's a design tool for creating on-brand emails and landing sites.

Also Flodesk integrates with platforms like Zapier and Shopify to simplify your business.

Flodesk Cost

Flodesk charges $38 per month for unlimited emails and contacts. Flodesk yearly subscription is $418. Flodesk is free for 30 days.

17. ConertKit Email Marketing Services

ConertKit email marketing is the best in automating your emails.

It's among the easier email marketing services to use.

ConertKit offers impressive landing pages,  easy automation and it's easy to integrate with Wordpress.

Cost of ConvertKit prices starts at $15 for 300 contacts a month, 1000 subscribers $29, and $49 for up to 3000 subscribers.

Key Questions To Consider Before Selecting Email Marketing Service Provider

1. Does the email marketing services provider have a good market reputation?

2. Is the email marketing services easy to use?

3. Is the email marketing service cost-effective?

4. Does the email marketing services provider charge per campaign or per month? 

    Will I be paying per campaign or per month?

5. Is the email marketing service mobile-user friendly?

6. Will I need to hire an email marketing professional?

7. Will I be able to integrate with other programs or social media platforms?

8. Do email marketing services provide excellent customer care?


Hope you’ve got some tips on what is email marketing services.

That's it; I expect you found this post illuminating and that I've helped you determine whether email marketing services are right for your business.

Email marketing services help you reach out to customers, collect their contact information, and streamline your email marketing process. 

Most email marketing platforms allow you to create a simple email newsletter, but fewer provide advanced capabilities like total customization, support, and data analysis.



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DIGITAL SKILLS GUIDE: What Is Email Marketing Services
What Is Email Marketing Services
Email marketing services helps businesses create and manage their email campaigns and provides tools that help measure those results of campaigns.
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