How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN

Upwork proposals are a kind of job proposals sent to clients via Upwork freelancing platform. In order to persuade potential clients that you're...

How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN
How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN

How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN-digitalskillsguide.com

How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN

Everyone wants to know why they should choose you above any other freelancer that applies for the assignment. 

From 5 to 50+ freelancers can bid on a single project. With a well-crafted proposal, it's possible to stand out from the throng.

What is an Upwork proposals?

Upwork proposals are a kind of job proposals sent to clients via Upwork freelancing platform.

In order to persuade potential clients that you're the right person for the task, you may include a message in your Upwork proposals. 

As in an elevator pitch or a cover letter, this brief introduction outlines why the customer should hire you. 

A client's interest in your services is piqued and crucial points about how you may help them are mentioned.

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The importance of Upwork proposals

  • Upwork proposals are critical when seeking for jobs from Upwork.
  • When it comes to looking for job, Upwork's marketplace is a fantastic resource. 
  • Every day, the portal lists tens of thousands of new positions that need a diverse range of abilities.

  •  Even if there are a lot of tasks listed on this site, keep in mind other freelancers are also fighting for the same positions.

Upwork's worldwide job marketplace places a high value on proposals in securing contracts. 

Getting a potential client's attention is the first stage in the process of establishing a relationship, and your proposal must be crafted to do so. 

The best strategy to get new customers to interview you for a job is to produce a thorough and well-written Upwork proposal.

In the long run, hard effort and building a strong reputation on Upwork might lead to clients approaching you directly for help with their projects! 

However, perfecting your Upwork proposal and refining your pitch are essential steps before you get there.

How do I get my first Upwork client?

Do you want to know what ways you may go about getting your first Upwork job?

At the beginning of your freelancing career, testing out several cover letter possibilities is a key step that divides those who succeed from those who quit up. 

Especially for new freelancers, competition may be difficult. 

The more proposals you put out, the more likely it is that you won't get any response. 

In the end, writing a great proposal is the only way to secure your first customer. 

The best way to discover what works for you is to keep trying until you find it.

Clients on Upwork often take three days to choose a freelancer they believe is the best fit for their job. 

In order to acquire your first job, you must be patient. 

While you're waiting for answers from potential clients, keep sending out applications for employment that meet your skills.

How to draft a winning Upwork proposals

It takes practice to get better at Upwork proposal writing, which is a talent in and of itself. 

One of the most critical aspects of crafting effective Upwork proposals is taking the structure into account. 

Despite the fact that each proposal should be customized for each individual freelancer and job description, most successful Upwork proposals have certain characteristics:

  • Following a brief introduction and salutation, the client's primary requirement or concern should be restated succinctly.

  • Clear phrase that informs the client you can help them and start straight away.

  •  A succinct, two- to three-sentence explanation of why you're the best candidate for the job.

  • Your procedures and processes for handling the project and providing outstanding customer service should be laid forth in a concise but thorough manner.

  • Relevant documentation, files of sample works or links to your portfolio showing prior projects that are relevant to the client's demands might be attached.

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What's the ideal length for your Upwork proposal?

As long as your proposal shows that you understand the problem and that you can fix it, it doesn't matter how long it is. 

Always strive to write in a succinct, clean, and clear manner, in most cases, this three paragraphs is all that is required to convey your message.

Detailed proposals including irrelevant information waste the time of clients. 

It is unlikely that anyone will take the time to read a lengthy proposal.

What is the best format for an Upwork proposal?

Are you thinking of how best should Upwork proposal be formatted?

Writing Upwork proposal is a lot like writing a typical cover letter in terms of the structure and content. 

The proposal should be adapted to the individual needs of each project. 

Making better patterns and sequences in your proposals may help you convince clients to hire your company if you concentrate on what they need rather than coming up with a clear template.

  • Attract the client’s attention

More than a dozen freelancers are usually competing for the same assignment. 

You may just have a few seconds to make an impact on the customer before they move on to another proposal. 

In other words, if you want your proposal to be read, you need to make a strong opening statement.

The purpose of your proposal is to locate the freelancer who can finest assist your customer, from their point of view. 

You'll have a far better chance of getting hired if you can rapidly identify the issues that are important to the client.

  • Show understanding of the client’s goals and job description

Indicating your awareness of the client's objectives and job description is very crucial on your Upwork proposals.

Starting out with a few phrases that validate your understanding of the client's demands is a good place to start. 

When you're looking for work on Upwork, potential clients want to know that you'll be there for them. 

They want to know that you have the proper talents and are ready to assist them achieve. 

Always begin by reiterating the most important issues or addressing a specific aspect of the task. 

That you've taken the time to read the project description carefully and that you have the relevant skills is evident in your response to the prompt.


In the feedback on the client's Upwork profile, freelancers will often refer to the client by their first name. 

As a result, you'll able to launch your Upwork proposal with their name. 

It's a great way to get the customer to check at your profile to see if they recognize you. 

It also demonstrates your enthusiasm in the position and working with them; pay close attention to the job description and explored deeper. 

Finally,  adds a personal touch to the application.

  • Provide proof that you can get the job done

Ensure to demonstrate your ability to do the task at hand.

Clients want to know that the freelancer they hire will be able to complete the job. 

The simplest method to demonstrate potential clients that you can succeed by presenting them an example of something comparable that you've previously completed. 

In your portfolio or Upwork profile, highlight a couple of your previous projects that are a good fit for the job at hand.

  • Include samples of your work and previous accomplishments.

When it comes to establishing trust and trustworthiness, nothing beats attaching previous work examples. 

Clients care a lot about a freelancer's previous work, and it may be a major deciding factor. 

If you have case studies, testimonials, or outcomes to back up your claims, provide them in the second paragraph.

  • Include work samples and past results

Also, a well-written Upwork profile can help with this. 

Clients frequently visit the profile of a business after viewing an excellent proposal in order to learn more about the company. 

You can use our advice on how to create a stellar Upwork profile. 

Linking your portfolio to positive project reviews is a smart move after you've ensured that your profile backs up your claims.

  • Pose problems and provide answers to them.

Proposal questions concerning a specific project may be included in certain job postings. 

In this case, you have another opportunity to demonstrate your ability to aid. 

You should only ask questions that demonstrate your thorough understanding of the problem and the steps necessary for its resolution. 

When writing a proposal, you can also pose questions, but don't make it too difficult for the customer to react. 

Questions about the timetable, specifics of the product or business, or what to expect on a day-to-day basis while working on the project are all appropriate.

  • Stand out from the Competitors

There will be a lot of pros in your field fighting for the same job, so you should identify techniques to stand out as soon as feasible. 

It's a good idea to include an introduction video on your profile. 

The customer will likely be more engaged with your profile and more inclined to schedule an interview if you mention this video in your proposal.

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  • Make it clear to the client why they should collaborate with you.

Clients may learn a lot about you by reading your Upwork proposal, and this can help you stand out from the crowd. 

The letter to the customer should be clear and concise, with a focus on the advantages of hiring you for the job. 

Describe how your expertise would be beneficial to the client's endeavors, and let them know how long you've been in the industry.

Examples of Upwork proposals

For the role of freelance writer, here are three Upwork proposal samples. 

As a result, each of these examples on Upwork is designed to portray the freelancer as exactly what a potential customer is looking for.

Example 1 of Upwork proposal:


I'd love to work with you as a freelance writer to develop and implement a content strategy for your website.

I've been writing for websites like Forbes.com and Buzzfeed.com for the past five years. 

I've included two examples of my work in a comparable field to yours, which you can see by clicking on the links below. 

As you can see, I have a deep understanding of your target group and know how to produce captivating articles that encourage website visitors to make purchases.

I'm capable of writing 1,000-word pieces in two days. 

Is it something you'd be interested in? Set up a meeting to discuss your project in further depth if my writing is to your satisfaction.

The following is an example of web content: (link)

Example of a Website's Second-Best Material (link)


John John.

Example 2 of  Upwork proposal:


If you're looking for economical, high-quality content for your website, I'm your man. 

Every piece of content I write for your website aims to guide your visitors through their buyer's journey, culminating in a sale on your site.

In my Upwork profile, you can see that I've been creating material for websites like yours for the past three years. 

Some of my published work may even be found on Marketwatch.com, and Hubspot.com. 

You may see two examples of my work on B2B e-commerce websites in the samples linked below.

An Example of a Website Article (Example #1) 

An Example of a Website Article (Example #2)

One day is about the fastest I can do a 1,000-word piece at this point in time. 

Can we set up a time to talk about your project goals if my work is in line with what you require?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

John John

Example 3 of Upwork Proposal:

Greetings, Niyat

For clients like you, I'm a meticulous writer that transforms concepts into high-quality website text. 

I like writing on a wide range of subjects and themes (business, lifestyle, travel, personal blogs, etc.). 

In addition to the samples you'll find on my Upwork profile find this (link), I've also written (link).

When it comes to SEO writing and powerful digital marketing content, I've gained a wealth of knowledge throughout the years. 

This includes everything from blogs to press releases to product descriptions, and I'm really good at it.

If you're interested, I charge $50 per assignment of this nature and can send a completed document to you within the week. 

Come on, let's have a conversation!

Warm regards,

John John

Note: These samples should not be used as a template for an Upwork proposal, but rather as inspiration for Upwork proposals that are specific to each job.

Things to Avoid When Writing Your Upwork Proposals that win

Understanding the scope of the project prior to submitting a proposal is the key to successful Upwork proposals. 

When applying for jobs on Upwork, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • You don't need a proposal template to write an effective Upwork proposal.

You won't get hired if your proposal isn't well-written. 

To save time while drafting proposals, many freelancers, especially those who are new to the industry, turn to copying and pasting from templates. 

This strategy may save you a lot of time, but you may end yourself applying to jobs without reading the job description. 

You should avoid doing this since each customer and each job is unique.

It's easy for clients to tell whether a proposal is pre-made since it doesn't connect with them on a more personal level. 

Because they don't provide as many unique ideas and recommendations, using a template might have a negative impact on your chances of getting hired. 

Using templates can also lead to a lack of awareness of the client's needs and the scope of the project.

  • Don't let your Upwork proposal be More About

It is also vital to avoid focusing on oneself instead of the client. 

Keep in mind that your clients care about fixing their difficulties; that's why they put the job on Upwork in the first place. 

Our proposal must be focused on your customers, their issues, and the solutions you can provide.

  • Don't waste your time with superfluous details.

You run the risk of seeming unprofessional if you write extra information that aren't relevant to the position. 

Fluff and filler aren't worth the attention of your customers. 

To show clients that you care about their time, write proposals that are customized, brief, and compelling.

  • Keep your demeanor professional but not excessively casual.

One of the most important things you can do while preparing a winning proposal is to present yourself with professionalism. 

Avoid making jokes or statements that are meant to be amusing. 

These can frequently have the opposite impact of what you intended, and it's best to avoid them. 

The rise of internet collaboration tools has made business communication less formal, but this should not obscure your understanding of acceptable professional situations.

On the other hand, over-professionalism might sometimes backfire and cause more harm than good. 

As a result, many freelancers believe that they must seem overtly formal in order to look credible and informed. 

As a result, they risk losing out on the opportunity to land a job. 

Trying to be too professional might alienate clients and create the impression that you're cold and uninterested in getting to know them.

Make sure you don't fall into one of these two extremes by finding a medium ground between them. 

Keep in mind that what you write will always leave an impression, and you want to make sure that it's a positive one.

What's next about Upwork Proposals?

Even if you're an experienced expert, finding new work might be difficult without strong Upwork proposals. 

It's only a matter of time before you land your next assignment if your proposal is well-written, creative, and provides solutions for the customer. 

Start your job search now by browsing newly posted positions.

It's time to prepare for your interview once you've delivered superb Upwork proposals and secured an interview with the client. 

This far you must have gotten some tips on how to write Upwork proposals that win.

All the Best!

How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN



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DIGITAL SKILLS GUIDE: How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN
How to Write Upwork Proposals That WIN
Upwork proposals are a kind of job proposals sent to clients via Upwork freelancing platform. In order to persuade potential clients that you're...
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