Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2022

Many freelancers hunt for chances to get best gigs and clients from reputable freelance job sites. It's easy if you opt for best freelance job sites.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2022
Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023 | digitalskillsguide.com

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023, freelancing job sites, freelancing job sites: Upwork, Freelancing Job Sites: Fiverr, Freelancing Job Sites: Freelancer, Freelancing Job Sites: Toptal, Freelancing Job Sites: Guru, Freelancing Job Sites: People Per Hour, Freelancing Job Sites: Flexjobs, Freelancing Job Sites: LinkedIn, Freelancing Job Sites: Bihance, and Freelancing Job Sites: Dribble.

Freelancing Job Sites

Many freelancers hunt for chances to get best gigs and clients from reputable freelance job sites.

It's easy to increase your job load and career options using the best freelance job sites.

If you're a full-time freelancer, someone who wishes to work from home part-time, or someone new to self-employment, this list of top 10 freelance job sites to get clients in 2023 can assist. A freelancer might use a freelancing site to locate employment for themselves or their agency.

When searching for a freelancing website, several criteria must be considered. A few have more employment and possibilities, while others manage a larger range of sectors. Some are speedier than others in listing fresh vacancies. Then there's the pay rates and payment speed.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

Here is the list of Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023 Table of Contents

1. Freelancing Job Sites: Upwork
2. Freelancing Job Sites: Fiverr
3. Freelancing Job Sites: Freelancer
4. Freelancing Job Sites: Toptal
5. Freelancing Job Sites: Guru
6. Freelancing Job Sites: People Per Hour
7. Freelancing Job Sites: Flexjobs
8. Freelancing Job Sites: LinkedIn
9. Freelancing Job Sites: Bihance
10. Freelancing Job Sites: Dribble

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

1. Freelancing Job Sites: Upwork

Upwork is the most reputable freelance job site out there for freelancing jobs.

Clients and freelancers from all over the world may connect on Upwork, a freelancing platform.

From site design and software development to customer service and bookkeeping, the platform has it all.

In order to interact with freelancers, clients may either submit a task and look for qualified candidates or purchase a pre-defined service from the project catalog. In the same way, freelancers can post their services on this freelancing job site.

Create a profile on Upwork to begin working as a freelancer. Keep in mind that it should include information about your skills, competence, and job history. When you submit bids for work or make a project pitch, keep in mind that clients will check your profile to see whether you're qualified.

You pay less money for more work on Upwork because of a sliding scale. For example, the commission price for the first $500 bill is 20%, and it steadily decreases as the amount of money you get increases.

Withdrawals on this freelance job site can be made through wire transfer, PayPal, or direct transfer.

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2. Freelancing Job Sites: Fiverr

Fiverr is among the most reputable freelance job sites in the marketplace.

While the name "Fiverr" refers to the service's initial focus on fast freelancing jobs costing $5, the freelancing job site has expanded significantly since then. Starting rates, bundles, and add-ons may now be established by you. In order to attract new clients, many shrewd freelancers cut their costs for modest assignments. You may think of it as offering them a low-cost sample in exchange for a larger project contract.

You don't have to worry about invoicing your clients when you use Fiverr because payments are integrated into the platform. Because of this, some freelancers regard Fiverr as the best among freelance job sites for novices and those who are prepared to give a variety of fees for different types of work, but this isn't necessarily the case. Website design, content creation, and voice-over work are just a few of the services available on Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelancers.

For both freelancers and small company owners, this platform streamlines communication between them. The website refers to freelancers as sellers, their services as gigs, and company owners as buyers.

Sellers may sign up for free, post their jobs, and establish their rates instead of submitting bids. Buyers, on the other hand, have the option of browsing through a variety of product categories.

An automated charge is made to the buyer's account and the funds are placed on hold when they acquire a gig. This freelance job sites system will then deduct a charge and pay freelancers 80% of the price they were quoted. Withdrawing money from a freelancer's account might take up to 14 days, depending on their seller level. Payments can be withdrawn via a debit card, PayPal, or wire transfer, among other alternatives.

3. Freelancing Job Sites: Freelancer

Everything from logo and graphic design to SEO and copywriting may be done by a freelancer. Freelancer is a great freelance job site to look for work as a freelancer because of the large range of specialties available. As a freelancer, you may be able to obtain work in a wide range of languages ranging from German, Portuguese, Spanish and many other languages.

Fixed price projects, hourly tasks, contests, talents and languages may all be filtered by job searchers. The average bid and number of bidders are shown on every job ad, so you'll know what to anticipate before submitting your application. So, if you're seeking for employment that allows you to work from home or from a distant location, Freelancer is among the wonderful freelance job sites to start.

It's a great freelance job site for individuals and businesses from across the world to work together on a variety of tasks. Customers may readily locate any sort of expert due to the large range of knowledge available.

As a freelancer or a business owner, you may join. To become a freelancer, you must first complete a brief registration form. Describe your qualifications in full, including your schooling, training, and previous employment.

Besides projects, there are several competitions, such as those for visual or design projects. These contests are a win-win for freelancers since they may earn money and get positive ratings on their profiles at the same time.

Upon completion of a work, each freelancer will be paid in full. For contests and fixed projects, however, this freelance job site takes a 10% cut of your overall revenue. PayPal and wire transfer withdrawal options are available as it is on most freelancing job sites.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

4. Freelancing Job Sites: Toptal

Toptal promotes itself as a freelance job site for finding the top 3% of independent contractors. Toptal is a freelance job site that connects highly qualified freelancers with corporations. Web developers, web designers, and product managers are just few of the freelancers available through Toptal.

Only a handful of the hundreds of applicants they get each month are accepted into their ranks because of their stringent screening procedure. Exclusiveness sets them distinct from so many other freelance job sites. Getting into Toptal may be scary, but if you do, you'll have the opportunity to present yourself in the most prestigious freelance job site. 

To become a freelancer at Toptal freelance job site, you must first pass five stages of the screening procedure, which include a thorough English examination and an evaluation of your project. This procedure assures that only the best 3% of applicants will be accepted onto the platform.

There are several job posts from high-profile clients and organizations, including Motorola, Airbnb, Airbnb, Duolingo, and Shopify once you've completed all of the necessary requirements. The application procedure might be placed on hold for several months if you fail the test.

TopTracker, the company's time tracking and billing solution, is available only through Toptal. Payoneer, PayPal, or direct bank transfer can all be used to make payments to freelancers using this service.

5. Freelancing Job Sites: Guru

Guru is among the respectable freelance job sites for finding fresh freelance design work or freelance job in a wide range of sectors because there is nothing shady about it.

Among the best top 10 freelance job sites to get clients in 2023, Guru can't miss. 

It's a freelance job site where freelancers and businesses from across the world can collaborate. Programmers, graphic designers, and product managers are just a few examples of the many types of experts that businesses may recruit.

In everything they do, Guru conveys a sense of sincerity and community involvement. They emphasize trust and encourage openness on their freelance job site, ensuring that whatever your job is, expectations are satisfied.

For freelancers, Guru freelance job site provides built-in verification processes that assist them demonstrate their trustworthiness to clients. There are many payment options and secure payments built into the site, making it easy to invoice for your job.

It's simple to explore work ads and submit quotations to clients on Guru freelance job site. Start by creating a freelancer profile and signing up. Your employment history and skill set will be used to generate job recommendations from the system.

There is no limit to how long a freelancer may bid on a job and how much they can charge for it. When it comes time to cash out, you may choose from a variety of options, including PayPal and wire transfer. More significantly, the Guru freelance job site provides freelancers with SafePay insurance, which assures prompt payment.

A free basic membership is provided to any new freelancer who registers with this particular freelancing website. Paying for a membership, on the other hand, gives you access to a wider range of profile-boosting features. Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

6. Freelancing Job Sites: People Per Hour

When it comes to matching clients with freelancers, PeoplePerHour claims to be the best among the freelance job sites. PeoplePerHour's goal is to make connecting freelancers and clients easier and more exact via the use of artificial intelligence.

Clients may submit a project description to an artificial intelligence system, which evaluates the specifics and matches the project with eligible freelancers. Customers can choose from a list of vetted freelancers who have been asked to make bids.

Customers and freelancers alike may avoid spending time searching for the ideal match by using PeoplePerHour. In addition, PeoplePerHour incorporates payments within the system, preventing both parties from getting into a payment dispute.

People Per Hour, as the name implies, aids companies in locating qualified independent contractors to engage on an as-needed basis. Public relations, marketing, and journalism are just a few of the many areas where freelancers work.

Freelancers may sign up for an account on this freelance job site and begin putting up their profile immediately. Each application will be reviewed by the moderators before being approved. Once a freelancer has been accepted, they may begin searching for work in a variety of areas.

It is up to the freelancers to determine their own pricing when working on a project. When they're done, they may generate an invoice right from their dashboard.

People Per Hour, like most freelancing job sites, charges freelancers a service fee for each customer they work with. It's good to know that the charge will drop as you work more frequently.

7. Freelancing Job Sites: Flexjobs

There are many different types of employments available on Flexjobs, all of which can be done from home, including freelance, part-time, and full-time positions. Everything from project management and writing to contract employment for programmers may be found here. There are job board options that enable you to select a location, work schedule, and travel needs based on your preferences.

Flexjobs verifies the legitimacy of every position posted on the freelance job site. Every opportunity is checked and screened, so scammers and phony businesses are weeded out. There are no adverts on this freelance job site, unlike other online job sites.

In order to search for freelancing opportunities, users must first subscribe to a job board. Starting at $6.95 a week, there are four options to choose from. Subscribers get unrestricted access to job listings, a personal work portfolio, career guidance, and even free skills testing.

A prepaid card or PayPal can be used to pay for a user's monthly membership. You can obtain a complete refund if you're not happy with the service offered by this freelance job site within 30 days.

8. Freelancing Job Sites: LinkedIn

If you're looking to land a new job, LinkedIn is a great freelance job site to start. It's also a way for professionals to socialize and network with one another. It ranks high among the top 10 freelance job sites to get clients in 2023. 

To get started, simply establish an account by signing up. Your talents, education, and previous job experience should all be included. Having a well-rounded LinkedIn profile can lead to more job offers.

You should have a LinkedIn page no matter what profession you're in, but this is especially true for creatives. You may use the built-in messaging system to meet new people and expand your network by keeping your profile up to date.

For each job you've held, you may include examples of your work, making it more than a resume. You'll get a lot more traffic to your profile and the opportunity to interact with people who are specifically seeking for your design knowledge if you make your abilities searchable on our platform.

LinkedIn ProFinder, a new product that makes it easier for companies to identify freelancers with the right skills, has been launched. Different skills, such as content marketing, design, data entry, and more, may be filtered by potential employers. Project leads are sent to you by LinkedIn ProFinder in the form of emails, allowing you the opportunity to submit a proposal and bid on the projects you find. A recruiter who is always on the lookout for you, in a sense.

Also, don't forget about LinkedIn job postings, where the built-in search makes it easy to locate remote employment, part-time gigs, or full-time freelance work. What makes LinkedIn the ideal freelancing job site to get a job is that it consistently delivers what people are looking for.

Adding a new post to your profile might also increase your visibility. If you're a freelance writer, for example, make a post about your experience and include a link to your online portfolio. You never know who could stumble over your LinkedIn profile and reach out to you with an offer.

If you're looking for freelancing work, you may also check out LinkedIn's job posts. Using relevant keywords and sorting by the most recent results can help you locate your ideal freelancing job.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023

9. Freelancing Job Sites: Bihance

To locate creative freelancers, Behance is a must-visit freelance job site. It includes a wide range of creative work, including graphics, animations, web design, and mobile app development.

By showcasing your work on Behance, you open yourself up to a new network of creatives who share your interests. You'll gain even more recognition if your work is selected as a highlighted project. You never know who could notice it and reach out to you for a job. As a social networking platform, Behance may also be used to connect with fellow designers. New design opportunities may arise as a result of expanding your network of connections.

Behance also features a jobs area, which has a lot of great opportunities for freelancers. Jobs on Behance aren't many, but the ones that are are in accordance with the site's stellar reputation.

It's a social network for creative skills, unlike the other freelancing job sites on our list. It's a great place for people all around the globe to showcase their work, whether it's animation, art, or web design.

Behance is a great resource for freelance graphic designers, web designers, and animators looking for work. Create an account and fill out your profile information to get started.

Because it's a social networking site, the more profiles you follow, the more updates you'll see in your news feed. It provides an opportunity to explore new options for freelance employment.

Additionally, Behance offers a job board. It will be easier for freelancers to locate work that is a good fit for their skill sets and categories thanks to a customised job suggestion for each individual freelancer.

10. Freelancing Job Sites: Dribble

The most popular freelance job site for design jobs for independent designers of all disciplines is Dribbble. To find freelance design work, you must have a Dribbble profile if you want to work on everything from graphics to products.

Showing off your skills and experience on Dribbble is a terrific approach to gain exposure and attract new clients. Many clients are searching for excellent designers on Dribbble. Writing a compelling profile and showcasing your greatest work should be all that's required.

Dribbble also makes it simple to update your job availability and turn it on and off as needed. There's an unique freelance design job board available to those who pay for the pro level.

In addition to getting ideas for their next project, independent web developers and graphic designers may also get work on Dribbble.

When it comes to meeting, connecting, and interacting with other creatives, Dribbble becomes the best freelance job site to accommodate all that. Adding your work to a website's portfolio can help you land a job. 

You may also use your browser to access a job board and look for openings. UI/UX design and content development are only two of the many jobs available on the platform. Freelancer job listings, on the other hand, are only available to paid subscribers.

It costs between $5 and $15 per month to subscribe to Dribbble's premium service. Uploading movies and multi-shot photographs to one's profile is possible with the pro version. Additionally, a premium account will be ranked higher in the search results for job ads.


Many people looking for the top freelance job sites are unsure of where to begin their freelancing experience and are asking for guidance. Or perhaps they're fed up with the lack of clientele they've been able to secure.

Hustle no more.

There you have it, the list of top 10 freelance job sites to get clients in 2023. Finding freelance job sites doesn’t have to be tough. For the most part, you'll be asked to create an account by signing up.

Don't forget to double-check the functionality of any freelance job sites before registering. Pay attention to the mode of payment, the means of withdrawal, and the service cost.

For individuals seeking for administrative or technical tasks, such web developers, social media managers, or financial consultants - here are our top freelancing job sites recommendations:

• Upwork s• Toptal • Guru

If you're seeking for creative work, such as writing, graphic design, or illustration, these are the greatest freelance job sites to use:

• Fiverr • Flexjobs • Dribbble and others listed above.

I wish you luck in your search for the ideal freelancing opportunity.

Thank you for reading Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2023



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DIGITAL SKILLS GUIDE: Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2022
Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2022
Many freelancers hunt for chances to get best gigs and clients from reputable freelance job sites. It's easy if you opt for best freelance job sites.
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